Marriage Ministry

The Holy Marriage Blessing of True Parents, called by Jesus and led by the Holy Spirit, restores marriage to God’s full, complete and perfect ownership.       

We who have received the Holy Marriage Blessing have a calling. But we fall short of the glory of God. We fall back into the ways of the fallen world, and this infects our marriage and our parenting.       

In the Holy Marriage Blessing Renewal Sacrament we say that we recognize our sins and mistakes as husband and wife and want to grow out of them. We repent to each other, forgive each other, and renew our commitment to God, to each other, and to our vows to help bring world peace through ideal families.

Local Church 

Holy Marriage Blessing is the radio ministry of the Unification Families of Kingston. Rev. and Mrs. Abdou and Marra Gaye are our lead pastors. Rollain and Ruth Muanda and Michael and Kufre Akpan are our co-pastors, and Ikuko and Isagani Perganon handle our general affairs. Dr. Tyler Hendricks and Pastor Ruth Muanda produce the radio show. 

In our local church, we focus on two things. 

Weekend worship that preaches the message, ministers the sacrament, unites families and embraces guests. 

Personal ministry for singles, couples and families to build eternal marriage in heaven through victorious marriage on earth. 

You can reach us via e-mail by using the "Build" page on the website, or via our P.O. Box 3173, Kingston, NY 12402. 

AE Content, Red Hook, New York manages the website.