More than a marriage

The Significance of the Marriage Blessing


The Blessing is the marriage tradition of the Unification faith and has been attended by millions around the world. Today, Blessing ceremonies are held annually and broadcast live internationally. The Blessing transcends boundaries and religious affiliations, and creates a shared experience as one family under God.


The tradition of the Marriage Blessing has grown from the life and teaching of Rev. Sun Myung Moon and his wife Mrs. Hak Ja Han Moon. According to the Divine Principle, God’s essence is love. The very motive for creation is to give that love to His children, and to experience joy as we love one another, and return our love to our Heavenly Parent. The family is the first institution created by God, and is the channel of God’s love into the human experience. Healthy and harmonious families raise children of goodness, who become men and women of peace.


The Bible teaches that our original ancestors were created not as Protestant or Catholic, nor as Muslim, Hindu or Jew, but as husband and wife. Genesis 1:27 tells us that God is both male and female. The world’s great faiths unanimously affirm the importance of marriage and family. The divine union of man and woman in a Blessed marriage reflects God’s image and presence more fully and powerfully, than any man or woman alone.


The family is sacred, and the Blessing recreates God’s original love, life and lineage.

Historically, some form of nuclear family lies at the heart of every great civilization. Sociological studies demonstrate that the healthiest way for children to be raised is by the parents who gave them birth, in a committed and lasting relationship. The current crisis of family breakdown is damaging to children, and detrimental to society as a whole. That breakdown also has its roots in our first ancestors. The Genesis story, in fact, tells of history’s first dysfunctional family: hiding from God, blaming and mistrusting one another, and creating a family in which a jealous and angry elder brother killed his younger sibling. This family, the scriptures teach, is the root of the entire human family. Whether one considers Adam & Eve as historical individuals or archetypes, the story of the garden is clearly reflected in the human experience.


Religions in general agree that the suffering of humanity stems from spiritual ignorance, alienation, and sin resulting in separation from God and ignorance of who we truly are. But Rev. Moon’s special insight is that the confusion and breakdown of love in the family is the root of the problem. Our first ancestors lost their innocence, and became ashamed of their nakedness, through selfish and misdirected love. This has been the experience of all human civilization: love is the source of our greatest joy, hope, and ideals, yet misdirected and self-centered love is the cause of our greatest unhappiness and pain. The vast array of social, economic and political problems that have plagued humanity can be traced to the moral corruption and contradiction within our human nature, which is likewise rooted in the breakdown of the first family.


The Marriage Blessing is therefore much more than a wedding ceremony. It is an instrument of salvation and healing; a framework to purify the corrupted love which was inherited from humankind’s first ancestors, and reestablish the foundation for God’s original love, life and lineage. The ultimate purpose of all religions is the restoration of true men and women, and the recreation of God’s ideal for the family. The Kingdom of God that Jesus taught us to pray for “on earth as it is in Heaven” begins with rebuilding the family as it was intended in the beginning. That is the purpose of the Marriage Blessing.


Rev. Moon received his calling from Jesus at the age of 15, charging him with the mission of completing Jesus’ work on earth. The rebuilding of the family and the Blessing of marriage is at the heart of that calling. This is the essence of Rev. and Mrs. Moon’s mission as “True Parents,” sanctifying families, creating a new tradition where God’s love and Blessing is the center.


Beginning from their own Blessed marriage in 1960, this Blessing tradition has spread to millions of families throughout the world. The Marriage Blessing has expanded to become an interreligious affirmation of the universal importance of marriage and family, more fundamental even than our various faith traditions. Since 1992, clergy and members from many faiths have participated in the International and Interreligious Marriage Blessing Ceremony. Through participating in one of these unique wedding ceremonies, couples publicly demonstrate that true love in marriage is the key to a peaceful world. Married couples join to rededicate their love to God and each other, renewing their marriage to become a part of this historical transformation.


Whether you are a married couple seeking to infuse new life into your relationship, or you are single and looking for a more promising approach to marriage, receiving the marriage blessing is your opportunity to experience love as God intended.

Holy Marriage Blessing
God's plan for real love